May 19, 2011

Jack & Daisy

Ok, I admit I have been ohhhh so lazy with posts on this blog.  I will try and be better.  No promises though!

Anyway, onto the reason as to why I am finally posting again ... JACK & DAISY cafe in Pascoe Vale.  K, M and I made a trip there for lunch this Tuesday just gone and it was fabulous.  Food was yummy.  Staff were the friendliest I have ever (I kid you not!) come across and there was a "kids corner" to boot.  Best of all, the prices were totally reasonable. 

Now all of the above is worthy of a post, however the clincher was the fact that they were not going to make me pay ($44 bucks worth) on the day.  I wanted to pay by card and they didn't have card facilities up and running yet (coming very soon I was told), so they told me it would be cool to "fix them up" next time I was in.  They didn't want to put me out by making me trek up the road to withdraw cashola.  WOW!!!  I must point out this was the first time I had been there ... it's not like I was a regular they knew well.  As it turns out I did have $40 in cash and gave them that ...and I will certainly be back very soon to pay my outstanding debt and enjoy another coffee or three.  Ohh, did I mention the coffee is wonderful! 

As an addition to the above ... I was snapping away with the camera like a maniac whilst there so maybe they thought I was a "famous" blogger.  Alas, I do blog, but mine certainly is not famous, and if three people read this post I'd be surprised.  But if just one of those that read this entry make the trip to Jack & Daisy I am sure that they will recommend it to another friend who will recommend it to another of their friends and so on and so on.  I'm sure you get where I'm going with this.

Anyway, onto what we ate.  K had the steak sanga and fries.  M had the kids chicken schnitz and chips (all kids meals are $5) and I had the roadhouse(?) brekkie with potato rosti as an extra.  All were delicious!

K's steak sandwich

Cheers to good coffee!

Get your good selves down to Jack & Daisy's soon as you get the chance.  Tell them Mama T sent you! ;-)

Jack & Daisy
152b Cumberland Rd
Pascoe Vale
p. 03 9350 4106

... until next time!

Mama T xxx


  1. Great post! We love Jack and Daisy's!

  2. will definitely check this out!!! I'll let Kylie and Matt know too.

  3. Hey they were going to let me go too! I couldn't believe how trusting they were. I really like it there. The food is yummy, the staff are lovely and I think I am going to go there today!