Sep 8, 2010

Happy River = Happy Mums

The sun was out yesterday so K & I decided lunch out was a good idea.  Of course we needed a kid friendly venue with M coming along.  Happy River Cafe in Footscray is by far the best kid friendly cafe we've come across, they have a massive front lawn, mats, and tubs of toys ... the kids have a ball!!  The coffee and food aren't too bad either which is fabulous for us parents.  My only gripe would be the service  ... it's efficient but could be a little friendlier. 

A word of warning ...getting an outside table on a gorgeous weekend day is nearly impossible unless you get in early.

A thoroughly enjoyable lunch! 

Happy River Cafe

 Also spotted a 'milk crate man' just up the road. 

Milk Crate Man

When we got home after lunch I took a few pics the flowering tree in  the backyard ... if anyone can shed light on the type of tree I would be very grateful.

Hope to do some baking tomorrow so keep and eye on the blog for some tasty treats.

Mama T. xx

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  1. And the kids stay on the grass and don't annoy everyone else ... YAY!!